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As if you were tossing and turning in bed,
trying to get back to your dreams:
This is what Lucia Lip’s cumbersome electro music is like,
with its own punk attitude and catchy psychedelic poplines,
it will make you stay up all night.

Lucia Lip from Berlin, introduces herself with her debut album "your motor" hammering her rough, snotty sound into your ears.
In a tender yet angry way she stomps her dancefloor-ready beats into the ground.
The synthesizers and that accusative and seductive voice, let you know that in the end she won’t everfulfill your expectations, and will do everything but comfort you.
And yet there’s a longing there, sweet melodies in amongst all the messiness.
With her first release that will appear on her own label
Lipping Records, this guarantees to be a debut you won't forget.

all lyrics and music
written by LUCIA LIP
all instrument, voices
and programming by

recorded and mixed at lipping house
berlin, in may 2012 by LUCIA LIP.
mastered at picnic records, berlin.
in june 2012 by holger zimmermann and LUCIA LIP.
All rights reserved. Copyright 2012 by LIPPING RECORDS

"Your Motor" - Compact Disc (CD)
7 tracks of electronic pop pearls.
Catchy, glamorous and intriguing - a rafting on melodies, beats, kicks and sounds with a force in lyrics that bites and top notch vocals. A punk attitude on its own that brings back the evidence in music and will make you stay up all night!
CD in hardcase including 14 pages booklet with collages and lyrics.

"Your Motor" - Limited Edition Cassette (MC)
ultra limited to 20 copies


released March 4, 2013


all rights reserved



LUCIA LIP Berlin, Germany

LUCIA LIP performs on stage almost in a trance in self-made costume as her backing tracks explode behind her. Trashy and beat-heavy electro provides an echoed noise backdrop from her stomping, violent and generally unsettling performances.


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Track Name: And the heart weeps
i felt asleep as I turned insane
and i forgot the forgotten of the words that were written
in dark letters on my eye
and i tie the bound while i'm plunging' inside my
suffocating heart that collides with the light
of your tender mistreat while i'm still laying asleep
and the heart weeps
and the heart weeps
and the heart weeps
and the waves hit against your cold wall of collected stones
from last century girl
last century girl
and the heart weeps
and the heart weeps
and the heart weeps
Track Name: Accident
love and money
just a car drive on the highway
and you're driving too fast
know that money won't last
and it's love you just past
too fast too fast too fast
tu t' envas et tu portes ton coeur avec toi
mais ou est-ce qu'il arriverat
il n'arriverat pas
Track Name: Why!
get more integrated
why are you always upfront
you talk so loud why are you being so quiet
did you take drugs
why do you look so bored
you're too obsessed
why are you acting so cold
you can't say this
and you can't say that
why won't you calm down
why can't you just behave
why won't you just integrate
why do you always have to be yourself
why do you always need to be yourself
why do you always want to be yourself
who else would i have to be but myself
who else would i need to be but myself
who else would i want to be but myself
it's just me talking it's just me walking
why would i want to be somebody else
why would i want to be somebody else
Track Name: Your motor
i was the motor for your trip
you wouldn't want to take me with
you're gonna take the lonely ride
to leave what is left and what is right
it ' ll lead you to dead end street
i was your motor
your motor
i was your motor
your motor
i finally meet you on dead end street
that's where your eyes gonna start to bleed
and when the engine's running out
you realize you have been blind
fixed by the wheels in your head
turning turning turning
i was your motor
your motor
your motor
your motor
turn me on
turn me on

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